Nam-khar & Vortex - The Sarajevo Spiral
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Nam-khar & Vortex - The Sarajevo Spiral

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Nam-Khar and Vortex, two of the most prolific bands in the German occult underground, have joined forces to create their latest album, "The Sarajevo Spiral." Both bands have developed their respective ritualistic styles over numerous concept albums, making this collaboration a natural progression amidst the rising global conflicts of the current 'new 1920s.' The result is a martial and meditative album, unfolding eleven complex compositions that reflect on the human death drive.

In his 1915 work "Thoughts for the Times on War and Death," Sigmund Freud wrote about World War One, which began with an assassination in Sarajevo: "We cannot but feel that no event has ever destroyed so much that is precious in the common possessions of humanity, confused so many of the clearest intelligences, or so thoroughly debased what is highest. [...] Probably, however, our sense of these immediate evils is disproportionately strong, and we are not entitled to compare them with the evils of other times which we have not experienced..." Nam-Khar and Vortex base their musical reflections on the idea that we are now at the closure of a historical circle, one century later. "The Sarajevo Spiral" is about the past, the present, and the eternal return of fate. It is a multilayered gaze into the Abyss, a distorted sketch of the human condition.

Enhanced by the distinctive voice of Christian Fuchs (Fetish 69, Black Palms Orchestra) and the blackened guitar fragments of Oliver Freund (MARS, Vinur), "The Sarajevo Spiral" surpasses previous efforts by Nam-Khar and Vortex, offering a harsher, more apocalyptic outlook on our world. Darkly spiritual yet deeply nihilistic, this album presents a profound exploration of the human psyche.

The exclusive memento mori cover art was conceived by German artist Nadine En Noir, who also created the outstanding art for Vortex's "Häxan". This album is a co-production between ZaZen Records and Cyclic Law.

Guests: Christian Fuchs | Black Palms Orchestra and Oliver Freund | Mars / Vinur
Recorded somewhere in Europe in 2022/23

Mastered by Frederic Arbour

CD Edition of 300 copies in 6 panel Digisleeve.