Onasander, Ashtoreth & Gydja - Animic Atmospheres
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Onasander, Ashtoreth & Gydja - Animic Atmospheres

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'Animic Atmospheres' - Onasander, Ashtoreth & Gydja This collaborative work is inspired by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, who shared his insights on the connection between death, spirit and the universe in seven talks in Berlin from January to March 1918. These talks are compiled in the book “Earthly Death and Cosmic Life” and reveal the profound link between dying, the soul and the cosmos.

Vibrant, expansive drones, finely worked electronic aesthetics, with well placed traditional instruments and vocals, all deftly combined to induce otherworldly focus.

All music by Maurizio Landini, Peter Verwimp and Abby Helasdottir.
Cover concept and design by © Abby Helasdottir
Mastered by Ronald Mariën (Stratosphere)

© Onasander, Ashtoreth & Gydja 2024
© Winter-Light 2024

CD comes in a full-colour 6-panel digisleeve, limited to 300 copies.

1. You who watch over the souls of the Spheres
2. Spirit Portents
3. The Mystery of Golgotha
4. Knocking on the Death Door
5. Cosmic Wisdom
6. Disincarnate
7. Occulted Regions
8. Animic Atmospheres