Pyreficativm - Oneiron
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Pyreficativm - Oneiron

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This hysterical act is a blackened magnificence. Sublime opus, annoited with the mercurial blessing verb of the Daimonos, veiled by sinister cacopbonies represented by magnolia petals.

Beyond From the mountains of Ithaqua to the obscure hands of Shiva, the Bhavadaresh of the Gods illuminates the painful scourges to the primeval mass-gardens and poisoned phlegm. Rotten odyssey is embodied with the fundamental parameters of reverberations and oracular mysteries and dense alignment.Returning to dramatic musical schemes and dystopian curses, funeral mantras and minimalistic sonority orchestrated by coiled spirits.

Incorporating complex topics and cryptic empireism between the primordial mantric crystallisation of abstraction...Oneiron oscillate into the mirrors of Glossolalic acts and devilish black Sorcery.

CD comes in a 4-panel digifile.