Rhan-Tegoth - A Cryo Chamber Collaboration
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Rhan-Tegoth - A Cryo Chamber Collaboration

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A 2 hour dark soundscape album recorded by over 20 ambient artists to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecrafts Mythos Rhan-Tegoth is a fifteen foot tall, medusa-like, insectoid amphibious god-being (Great Old One) of little power but vital to the return of the Old Ones. It lived in the warm seas of Yuggoth before coming to Earth.

Come journey deep into the underground depths, where long forgotten temples guarded by insectoid creatures stand untouched by human curiosity.

"They found the box in the basement of the British Museum. Inside it there was a leathery integument, like some muddy garb from pre-history. It was essentially colourless but with an underlying mottled green lustre. Jenkins, the anthropologist, was somewhat mesmerised by it. It was as if he had discovered something of great value, like some antique ceremonial shroud for an ancient bloodletting rite. Maybe he had.

But Professor McIntyre was more of a mind that its anatomical qualities were of much more interest than its mystical aura. Especially so because there was nothing about the integument that seemed to correspond to the standard taxonomies of animal life."

2 CD album comes in a Deluxe 24 page Hardcover DigiBook inspired by Rhan-Tegoth. Silky smooth high quality matte laminated pages with art by Simon Heath. Rhan-Tegoth texts written by Alistair Rennie