Sabled Sun - 2150
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Sabled Sun - 2150

  • Labels Cryo Chamber
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Sabled Sun (Atrium Carceri/Mountain Realm) returns with 2150, the 6th entry in the Sabled Sun series.

As our protagonist's essence was decanted into the waiting vessel, a fresh husk of flesh and circuitry, he felt the familiar disorientation of transition. The spaceship - a silver arrow piercing the void, was his chariot to the last bastion of humanity, the outer sector space station. And yet now, as he was dragged screaming from slumber - the ship's alarm suite shrieked in discordant harmony, a cacophony of warning klaxons and flashing telltales that paint the darkness in fiery hues.

The man's thoughts, still coalescing from the fog of sleep, struggle to comprehend the chaos around him. System failure, navigation error, propulsion malfunction - the ship's AI yammers in his ear with a still soothing voice. The man's new body, still unfamiliar, thrummed with tension as he fights to assert control, his consciousness a fragile flame flickering in the hurricane of alarms and warnings...

Recommended for fans of Sci-Fi Ambience, Layered Synthesizers and Space Settings

Written, Produced, Performed, Art, Mastering - Simon Heath

300 edition CD comes in a beautiful matte 6 panel digipak with artwork by Simon Heath