Dead Melodies - Memento
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Dead Melodies - Memento

  • Labels Cryo Chamber
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Dead Melodies presents the dream inspired album, Memento. Ethereal atmospheres, warm synthetic drones and lush post-rock guitars combine to explore the dark and unpredictable majesty of dreams.

Behind closed eyes, lost worlds enshrined
In an endless maze of mind's design
A welcome lure to unknown fate
Where forgotten memories lay in wait
Rays of hope consumed by fear
Mind enthralled, sleep's puppeteer
Subconscious worlds, old fires burn
From whence I wake, to never return

Written, Produced, Performed - Tom Moore
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

400 edition CD comes in a matte reverse board 6 panel digipak with artwork by Simon Heath

1. Where Lonely Embers Glow 06:51
2. Welcome Delirium 06:11
3. Waves of Perception 06:26
4. Eyes of the Sun 08:05
5. Bonfires of Limbo 07:28
6. Somewhere Else 04:37
7. Beyond These Shores 06:11
8. Embers are Forever 07:07
9. Memories Lost 06:09

Dead Melodies - Memento