Vacant Stations 'Clones' released!

Vacant Stations 'Clones' released!

Friday, Sep 1, 2017 0 comment(s)

Now available in store to order direct from the label. Vacant Stations 'Clones' CD.

"Some of the motivations and intentions behind 'Clones', are mostly concerning the theme of identity: A meditation on the conflict and pressures of striving for individualism in an era of homogenisation, while considering implications about the future of human identity as it inevitably merges with the technology it creates. A self-reflexive comment on what have come to be regarded as dark ambient genre conventions. Hopefully a sense of narrative also comes through." - Vacant Stations.

The edition is presented in a 6-page full colour digi-pack. 13 tracks, running time 62:00.

Vacant Stations - Clones (album sampler)