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Bad Sector - Ampos

The first album from 1995, now released as CD for the third time. With AMPOS Massimo Magrini has set..

Bad Sector - Chronoland

This new album of Massimo Magrini is the soundscape for a mind movie and another masterpiece that pi..

Bad Sector - Kosmodrom DCD Box

Originally released in 2005 as a limited CD and CD/MCD edition which has long since sold out and is ..

Bad Sector and Astro - Idio Blast

In 2005, a small Russian label proposed to Massimo Margini to work on a recording made by Hiroshi Ha..

Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro - Inner And Outer Space

This is already the second collaboration album of Bardoseneticcube from Russia and Shinkiro from Jap..

Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic + Hafler Trio - The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion

Pan Sonic, arranged and edited by Barry Adamson (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Magazine), with an a..

Bass Communion - Sisters Oregon

"Much more than a mere "side-project", BASS COMMUNION could be regarded as Steven Wilson's discrete ..

Bersarin Quartett - III

Melancholia. Longing. It is difficult to speak about these moods or states of the mind without invok..

Beyond Sensory Experience - Faint

Beyond Sensory Experience are back revisiting ghosts of the past to create memories of the future wi..

Beyond Sensory Experience - The End Of It All

On their third release for Cyclic Law, BSE have created an aural mirror image of underlying substruc..

Birds Of Passage - This Kindly Slumber

Following 'Without the World' and 'Winter Lady', the New Zealander Alicia Merz of Birds of Passage r..

Birds Of Passage - Winter Lady

A masterwork of minimalism, WINTER LADY - Alicia Merz's sophomore solo effort as BIRDS OF PASSAGE se..

Bisclaveret - Theu Anagnosis

Bisclaveret returns with a new album entitled 'Theu Anagnosis'. It is a concept album similar to the..

Black Wanderer - Hostile Territory

With it's clever use of samples and overlaid with lush guitar layers, Daniel Kazanstev has created a..

Bleach For The Stars - The Time For Silver Flowers

Bleach For The Stars is the dark ambient, drone & industrial project of Benjamin Power, hailing ..

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