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Dag Rosenqvist and Rutger Zuydervelt - Vintermusik

One album, seven tracks. Who are they? Dag Rosenqvist is a Swedish musician releasing solo under his..

Dale Cooper Quartet and The Dictaphones - Astrild Astrild

The Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones are returning with their 4th album called "Astrild Ast..

Dale Cooper Quartet and The Dictaphones - Metamanoir

The bizarre dark cabaret has once again opened. The 2nd full length of the sophisticated experimenta..

Dale Cooper Quartet and The Dictaphones - Parole de Navarre

"Formed for the improvisation nights Dynamo in Brest, France, this quartet made of musicians coverin..

Dale Cooper Quartet and The Dictaphones - Quatorze Pieces De Menace

This new full length of the cult French dark jazz collective is the followup of the highly acclaimed..

Dale Cooper Quartet and The Dictaphones plus Witxes - Split

This split constitutes an exciting collaboration of these two French experimental/avant-garde/dark j..

Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 1

The first of the Dark Ambient Radio compilations which paves the way for even greater things to come..

Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3 Muzak For The Final Elevation

Like previous DAR compilations 'Muzak For The Final Elevation' has been produced through a collectiv..

Dark Jazz - Various Dark Jazz Records compilation

1 Côte Déserte - Sunshine III 2 Dale Cooper Quartet And The Dictaphones - Il Reverchon Cascatelle..

Dave Ball & Jon Savage - Photosynthesis

“We started composing some quasi pop/classical pieces that gradually morphed and evolved into one, h..

Dead Factory - Nachtmusik

Dead Factory return with a new album to follow on from their first "Hiatus" recording. Dead Factory ..

Dead Melodies - Legends Of The Wood

Dead Melodies (UK) releases his Cryo Chamber debut with Legends of the Wood. A melancholic journey o..

Deaf Machine – Found Noises

Not content to rest on their laurels after the successful inaugural release by Ordo Rosarius Equilib..

Deaf Machine – Transistor

The German label raubbau have decided that the time is ripe to end the nearly two decades of severe ..

Der Blutharsch and Deutsch Nepal - Apocalyptic Climax 2

A remastered and re-issue of the classic 1999 collaboration between two of the leading dark ambient,..

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