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Echoes Of Yul - The Healing

After two regular albums, a split release and a well-received EP called “Tether”, Echoes of Yul retu..

Electric Uranus & X-NAVI:ET – Voices Of The Cosmos II

Project "VOICES OF THE COSMOS" is an educational-artistic initiative created by two artists from Kuj..

Enmarta - Sea Of Black

Dark Ambient with influences from the vast corners of the earth combining ritualistic elements, fine..

Enmarta - The Hermit

Enmarta returns with his second album on Cryo Chamber, The Hermit. Dusting off his Viola he tackles ..

Ensemble Economique - In Silhouette

"In Silhouette" is unmistakably the product of Brian Pyle, who once again returns as Ensemble Econom..

Eraldo Bernocchi & Netherworld - Himuro

An Iceberg is a large mass of ice detached from a glacier or from a floating platform of glaciers th..

Escape - Edition DEGEM CD 14

Seventeen composers and composers "verklanglichen" their different perspectives on the theme of "Esc..

EXIMIA - Visitors

EXIMIA presents us with a sound design and field recording heavy album about an alien invasion. You ..

Exit In Grey - Shadows Of Stillness

Exit In Grey is one of the main musical incarnations of Sergey (S) from the Moscow area town of Push..

Expo 70 - Corridors To Infinity

Originally released in 2009 in a small tape and CDR edition (150 and 100 respectively), ”Corridors t..

Expo 70 - Frozen Living Elements

It's been three years since Expo 70 appeared on the ”From Earth to Sirius” compilation and now they ..

Expo 70 - Solar Drifting

Justin Wright aka Expo 70 has already made himself at home on Zoharum. The first of our joint sonic ..

Expo 70 - Virtually From The Unknown

Expo ’70 is mainly known for being the work of Justin Wright with the occasional contribution of oth..

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