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False Mirror - Derelict World

In the beginning it looked like an ordinary storm... After three years of intense work, dark ambien..

Fear Konstruktor/Barrikad - The Path To The Black Lodge

The Black Lodge is a fictional setting featured in the infamous Twin Peaks TV series. It is an extra..

Filivs Macrocosmi & Charadriiform ‎– Ex Vivo

"Since the beginning of time mankind has been fascinated by Space. Few has not dreamed of going to t..

First Human Ferro - Heterodox

Old Captain's owner, Olegh Kolyada, fights the sea and presents his Lost Generation victory in defea..

First Law - A Future So Bright

7th release from this tight outfit on Loki Foundation. Deep and throbbing rhythmic patterns, layered..

First Law - Chaos Structure

The 5th full length album from First Law surprises once again with a huge range of stylistic variet ..

First Law - Terrorforming

The 6th full length album from First Law. Intermittent bass and percussive elements as well as thril..

Fjernlys – Four (One Earthly Room)

Five years after the last full-time album of Fjernlys, the Leipzig based outfit returns with new rec..

Flowers For Bodysnatchers - Aokigahara

Aokigahara, known as the Suicide Forest is a 35-square-kilometre forest that lies at the northwest b..

Foetusdreams - Brouillard

Winter-Light is extremely proud and happy to announce its very first release on the Winter-Light lab..

ForrestDrones - Najas Flexillis Exequaiae

A few months ago tracks with old pictures of various plants started popping up around the net. Trac..

From Earth To Sirius

'From Earth to Sirius' is a form of message sent from the Earth to the brightest star. It is compos..

Frozen Faces - Broken Sounds Of A Dying Culture

When all around that you possess begins to disintegrate before your very ears what do you do? You re..

Funerary Call - The Mirror Reversed I

Cyclic Law is honoured to welcome Canada's unique and legendary Black Ambient act to their label and..

Funerary Call - The Mirror Reversed II

The spectral second and final instalment of Funerary Call’s “The Mirror Reversed” tumbles deeper thr..

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