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Taphephobia - Escape From The Mundane Self

This is the sixth release (the first for Cyclic Law) from the Norwegian drone ambient project Taphep..

Taphephobia - Ghostwood

New deeply introspective album by Norway’s Taphephobia. Opting for a slightly cleaner sonic palette ..

Taphephobia - House Of Memories

As Reverse Alignment was established in 2007 we also made our first contact with Ketil Søraker. His ..

Tenhornedbeast - Death Has No Companion

Created from the solitude of the high and lonely places, Death Has No Companion uses the TenHornedBe..

Tenhornedbeast and Husere Grav - Ten Graves

This 4th release by Peripheral Records is a split by heavyweight doom merchant and drone master Tenh..

That First Season - A Winter-Light compilation

We invited 16 specific artists from all corners of the globe to contribute exclusive tracks for “…th..

Thaw - St. Phenome Alley

Dark ambient and experimental drones from Poland.CD comes ion a 4-panel digipak limited to 333 copie..

The Eye Of Time - MYTH I

THE EYE OF TIME is the solo-project of French musician Marc Euvrie. Euvrie's musical development is ..

The Floating World – The Apparition

The Floating World is the solo project of Amanda Votta. Begun in 2005, three albums have been releas..

The Floating World – The Wood Beyond The World

The Japanese term 'ukiyo', translated as 'the floating world', was used to describe the pleasure see..

The Human Voice - Silent Heart

NORTHAUNT’s Herleif Langas unveiled in 2008 new work under the name THE HUMAN VOICE. Now the much an..

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble - Mutations

2016 Reissue of "Mutations" - the second work of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble from 2009. On spl..

The Mechanics Of Silence

Compilation of Dark Ambient Drone Scapes from the ever interesting Essentia Mundi label. Conceived a..

The Phantom String - Primus

THE PHANTOM STRING is a studio project launched 2015 by Olaf Kujat to realize his own vision of dark..

The Protagonist – A Rebours

The Protagonist is technically the solo project of Magnus Sundström -- who wrote, and largely perfor..

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