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Vacant Stations - Clones

Release date 25.08.2017Awaken. Force yourself up. Draw the blinds. Grey light burns your eyes. Plug ..

Vacuum Aeterna - Project: Darkscapes

Italy’s newcomers VACUUM AETERNA present the first instalment of their unfolding aural journey. A cr..

Valanx - Ouroboros

Arne Weinberg has been devoted to electronical music since the beginning of this millenia. As an exp..

VelgeNaturlig - Opalescent Pust

Our next release on the Winter-Light label is by the Portuguese sound sculpture VelgeNaturlig and is..

Vestigial - Solar-Aeon

In collaboration with Ukraine's "Old Captain" label, Cyclic Law present a special re-issue of Vestig..

Vidna Obmana - The Face That Must Die

Vidna Obmana is a pseudonym used by Belgian artist Dirk Serries. He has been one of the most signifi..

Visions & Phurpa - Monad

Will be available in store from around 25th June 2018. Celebrating its 100th release, Cyclic Law ..

Visions Of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)

The simurgh is depicted in Iranian art as a winged creature in the shape of a bird, gigantic enough ..

Vladimir Hirsch - Scripta Soli

Scripta Soli (“The writings of the earth”) is a thematic contemplation triggered by a great Czech ar..

Voice Of Eye - Anthology Two 1992 - 1996

"Voice Of Eye Anthology Two: 1992-96 continues our anthology series documenting early works composed..

Vortex – As Gods Fall

Release date 21st June 2018. Will be available in store from around 25th June 2018. “As Gods Fall” c..

Vortex – Kali Yuga

The 3rd full length album from Germany's Vortex. "During a long trip to India some years ago the ide..

Vortex – Moloch

'Moloch' is the fourth and most epic album by the German ritual ambient project Vortex. Combining dr..

Vortex – Rockdrill

Vortex is a German sound art project from :Golgotha: and Aeterna member Marcus Stiglegger, challengi..

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