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Der Blutharsch and Deutsch Nepal - Apocalyptic Climax 2

A remastered and re-issue of the classic 1999 collaboration between two of the leading dark ambient,..

Deutsch Nepal - A Silent Container

Digitally re-mastered from The Silent Trilogy original cassette issues, this 3-CD digipack set comes..

Deutsch Nepal - A Silent Siege

Compilation of tracks originally recorded between 1991 - 2002 at Generalstab Studios. 1. Behind A..

Deutsch Nepal - Alcohology

Deutsch Nepal and Lina Baby Doll is back after 5 years in the retreat of the Swedish woods with a ne..

Deutsch Nepal - Amygdala

After listening to this album, one finds it difficult to decide whether it is a masterpiece of hypno..

Deutsch Nepal - Deflagration Of Hell

Original 1992 CD released on Staalplaat records of this great first outing from Deutsch Nepal. Triba..

Deutsch Nepal - Dystopian Partycollection

A collection of previously released material appearing on compilation albums or stictly limited viny..

Deutsch Nepal - Dystopian Partycollection II

The second Dystopian Partycollection contain a mixture of orphan tracks, exclusive remixes and music..

Deutsch Nepal - Erosion

This is probably the most depressing Deutsch Nepal album, earlier released as a limited edition by S..

Deutsch Nepal - Tolerance

Released by Staalplaat long ago, sold out and desperately sought and hunted in auctions by collector..

Deutsch Nepal - ¡Comprendido!... Time Stop!...And World Ending

'¡Comprendido!... Time Stop! ...And World Ending'. This CD is packed with so many gems it's difficul..

Reutoff ft Deutsch Nepal - Eating The Dust

The Bubblegum Industrial Revolution continues at Entartete Musikk with a co-operational album featur..

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