Coming soon: Sound_00 + Lefterna 'Elementals: Collabs 2' CD

Coming soon: Sound_00 + Lefterna 'Elementals: Collabs 2' CD

Wednesday, Aug 2, 2017 0 comment(s)

Elementals: Collabs 2 new Winter-Light release

Sound_00 + Lefterna will be releasing their 'Elementals: Collabs 2' CD this coming September on the Winter-Light label. Both artists hail from Skopje, Macedonia. The album will feature 7 collaborative tracks totaling over 77 minutes of music from their Collabs series of sound sculptures. 

The tracks have previously been included on various compilation albums including those from Fall Into Void, Post Global Recordings, HNM Records, AOsmosis and Crna Zemlja labels .

All tracks have been completely remastered for this release on our label by Cruel Sound Works.

1. Collab ep_09 (ii)
2. Collab ep_10
3. Collab ep_11 (ii)
4. Collab ep_12 (ii)
5. Collab ep_13 (ii)
6. Collab ep_14 (ii)
7. Collab ep_15 (compilation EDIT)