Trollslottet - Sorgeberget
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Trollslottet - Sorgeberget

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Pär Boström, known for Kammarheit, Aindulmedir and Cities Last Broadcast, presents his new project Trollslottet.

The first album, Sorgeberget, is a story of bravery and witchcraft in a forsaken world. In this age of malevolence and turmoil, the gods are long gone. But old tales hold knowledge of an ancient tower in the northern mountains, where the now forgotten gods once hid their sacred names beneath the stone and the earth.

Deep in this night, we seek their Nine Names in hopes of recalling the gods from the great dunes of the Quiet Void.

Written, Produced, Performed - Pär Boström
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

- Edition of 300
- Hi-Fi Ferro Grade Pro-Duplication Tape
- Transparent heavy duty vintage style Case
- Double side print J-card with extra foldback panel
- Full Color CMYK sticker print on Cassette
- Grunge Style Cassette Shell