Ugasanie - Cold World of Eternity
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Ugasanie - Cold World of Eternity

  • Labels Cryo Chamber
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Ugasanie presents his album Cold World of Eternity, a dark polar ambient album with field recordings and mystical droning that paints a perfect backdrop for northern exploration.

In the far north, whispers of a bygone civilization linger in the crisp air. Intriguing clues fuel speculation: ancient maps marked with cities that seem to have vanished, and weathered remnants of massive stone structures scattered across the frozen landscape.

These structures, with their rough, geometric shapes, stand as silent witnesses to a forgotten past. But the most compelling evidence comes from the stories passed down through generations by the indigenous people. They speak of a time when unknown travelers from the north walked these lands, leaving only echoes in the legends they carried...

Recommended for fans of Polar Ambient, Snowy field recordings and Frozen Textural Droning

Written, Produced, Performed - Pavel Malyshkin
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

300 edition CD comes in a beautiful matte 6 panel digipak with artwork by Simon Heath