Undirheimar - Ginnungagaldr
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Undirheimar - Ginnungagaldr

  • Labels Cyclic Law
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New opus from the ever enigmatic ritual act Undirheimar. Ginnungagaldr is the result of over 3 years of contemplative, ritual and shamanic based work centered on the uncreated primordial nothingness of pre-creational chaos. Not inspired by the lore, but through personal experience, which, in fact, differs in certain aspects from the already established and published work. There is not one unique path. There are countless streams flowing toward the vast black ocean, the source. Just as there are a multitude of ways to experience those paths. Undirheimar always had its own unique method of working which is at the root of its Thursian sonic work.

This offering of sounds and vibrations is an attempt at crafting an audio talisman. It is no easy endeavour to transmute visions, sounds and deeply felt impressions into something one can “listen to”. Some of those visions have been made into bindrunes and sigils whose intrinsic meaning is partially occulted and shall remain thus. How the listener will experience this offering will vary from one to another. No rules. No boundaries. Only pure, introspective experience through the medium of sound and vibration.

Close your eyes, open your mind and break free of any restraints and expectations. Listen to the roar of the First One. The resonance of chaos.

Limited Edition Double CD in 8 panel digisleeve, matt lamination.