Vikorra Doom -  The Ghost from Sheol
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Vikorra Doom - The Ghost from Sheol

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Vikorra Doom (of Dark Ambient project God Body Disconnect) presents his debut album on Cryo Crypt. A dark and gritty war inspired album that invites the listener into the ancient lands of Sh’goria where Vikorra Doom seeks revenge for what happened in his previous life.

Vikorra Doom, was once a feared leader of a barbaric clan which ruled the ancient northern region of Sh’goria. Unbeknownst to him there was a traitor in the highest of his ranks. Vikorra Doom was brutally beheaded by Xalul, his most trusted guard while asleep in his castle. Vikorra’s soul was damned to roam the ancient underworld of the dead for eternity. Seething with thoughts of revenge, he made a secret pact with the underworlds gatekeepers, with the promise of feeding them a list of warriors who have cheated death. Vikorra Doom was sent back to the earthly realm as an invincible warrior with the chance of exacting his revenge. But the watchful eyes of the gatekeeper’s have only given him a limited window of time. They will drag his soul back down if he overstays his welcome on the earthly realm, and doesn’t deliver on his promise.

Recommended for fans of old Conan paperbacks, 80’s-90’s dark fantasy, and a VHS atmosphere

Written, Produced, Performed - Bruce Moallem
Design & Mastering - Simon Heath

- Edition of 260
- Hi-Fi Ferro Grade Pro-Duplication Tape
- Transparent heavy duty vintage style Case
- Double side print J-card with extra foldback panel
- Full Color CMYK sticker print on Cassette
- Grunge Style Cassette Shell