Visions Of Darkness: Volume II
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Visions Of Darkness: Volume II

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When the anthology "Visions Of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)" was released in 2017 (co-published in collaboration between Cold Spring and Unexplained Sounds Group), it was immediately clear that the Iranian music scene was not just promising, but already a rich chest of treasures. Years later we have further confirmation of the creative excellence and variety of musical languages that flourished in the Persian land.

In spite of the title, this second volume of the legendary anthology also gives us a broad picture of the musical experience of the Iranian underground that is not limited to the dark ambient, but explores sonic territories that reach concrete music, electroacoustic experimentation and sonic abstractionism. Persia, the cradle of a millenary culture, is teeming with young talents who continue their musical research with enthusiasm, pride and self-denial in the territories of drone music, as in electronic experimentalism and in the contamination of genres.

To some familiar names already present in volume I (Xerxes The Dark, IDFT, Reza Solatipour, etc ..), new discoveries are added that contribute to making the journey through the new Persian music exciting to the point that we can no longer speak of an emerging scene, but of a consolidated musical reality akin to others in the West.

Curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella
Graphic Design by Abby Helasdottir

DCD comes in double digipak edition.

1. Negari, Shirely, Pandi - Koohestan 03:08
2. Nyctalllz - The Curse Of The White Demon 06:55
3. IDFT - Aeshma 05:12
4. Reza Solatipour - Panic attack 05:43
5. Xerxes The Dark - Solomon's Throne 06:40
6. Babak Sepanta - Ruin Is The Beginning 06:25
7. Alireza Amirhajebi - Dystopia 04:18
8. Shahin Souri - Transmission 05:55
9. Dodenskald - Movakel 04:59
10. S.S.M.P. - Gordian Knot 11:40
11. Amin Shirazi - Unxp 05:15
12. PooYar - Magnificent Solitude 07:43
13. Dariush Salehpour & Zhoobin Askarieh - Burnt Forest 04:08
14. Vesal Javaheri - Muss 05:05
15. Saturn Cube - War Cry 05:18
16. Melkor - Damavand 06:52
17. Sam Eyvaz - Raavi 03:21
18. Soheil Shirangi - The Sounds Of Life (For Fixed Media And Accordion) 06:30
19. Farzan Salsabili - Kassan! 06:02
20. Arshan Najafi - Imaginary Crisis. Santoor 05:55

Visions Of Darkness: Volume II