Jeremy Mathes - Arkhaios
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Jeremy Mathes - Arkhaios

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JEREMIE MATHES is a French field recording artist (known for some excellent CDs on Unfathomless) living in Cambodia since some years. For "Arkhaios" he combined cavernous object drones (recorded at an abandoned factory site) with various instrumental sounds from ancient Khmer instruments (Tro u, Khim), all highly processed. You get the impression as being under the earth in a place populated by metallic amoeba or other smallest creatures, inside sewerage ducts or an deserted mine, exposed to the circulation of air... This is the spirituality of the underworlds!

"Dissolving time, space, mangling sounds collected into a simulacrum of altered realities. A oneiric junction between the concrete world and other unknown territories." [J. Mathes]

Artwork by Stijn Deprez, based solely on pictures realised by Jérémie Mathes.

Edition of 300 copies on black vinyl.

A: Tomleiki (19:06)
B: Yliaster (18:11)

Jeremy Mathes - Tomleiki