Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Indonesia
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Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Indonesia

For many centuries Indonesia, from the Malay Peninsula throughout the vast archipelago, has been subjected to successive foreign cultural invasions which have left their deep imprint on the indigenous way of life. Among the first was the Mongolian intrusion from central Asia. A later cultural wave came from India when Hindu merchants and immigrants introduced Hinduism and Buddhism into the islands. Subsequently, about the 13th century A.D. Islamic influences penetrated the archipelago. Finally in the 16th century, Western culture and Christianity came into the picture.

Although, after four centuries, Western civilization has by no means superseded the Islamic hold on Indonesia (90% of the population are Muslims), it has already reshaped the outward appearance of Indonesia life to a considerably extent. The cultural diversity is naturally reflected in the music.

In the current globalized and digital communications-dominated era, influences from the Western world become more and more evident, in everyday life , as well in popular art and music from Indonesia. But listening to the tracks included in this compilation presented by Unexplained Sounds Group, you’ll discover how traditional Indonesian music, even in its more 'primitive' forms, as well in the very elaborate and developed ones from Javanese and Balinese tradition, are still very much recognisable.

The current mix of influences in the experimental and avant-garde music from this region has resulted in an extremely fascinating kaleidoscope of sounds.

CD comes in a 4-panel digipak.

1. Senyawa - Sujud (Prostration) 09:20
2. Asangata - Leletheking Bawono 06:34
3. Wukir Suriyadi - Solo performance in Bali 05:35
4. Gaung Jagat Ensemble - Saturday No 3 04:36
5. STYLUCIPHER - Pain 05:22
6. Patrick Hartono - The Return 05:00
7. The Resonance of ((( US ))) - Apocalypse 03:01
8. SAABA - Matsarya 04:15
9. Theo Nugraha - Museum Tua 03:00
10. Wukir Suriyadi - Spatula 08:18
11. Dadang Dwi Septiyan - Pambuka 05:02
12. Rully Shabara - Hjrt Frrgdt 01:37
13. Genta Nirvana - Jelema lir ibarat ayang 05:54
14. Artmosf - Hulu Ledak 02:19

SAABA - Matsarya