Anthology Of Experimental Music From China
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Anthology Of Experimental Music From China

'China’s experimental music and sound art scene began to take shape in the post-Tiananmen era in the late 1990s. A few musicians from the mainland’s underground music scene started to experiment with new ways of making music while the music industry co-opted the once revolutionary and independent rock music scene.

The Hong Kong based experimental musician Dickson Dee and the U.S. based artist Dajuin Yao introduced Western avant-garde, experimental music to the mainland through the Internet and through the organization of music tours and festivals. The practice and spread of sound art, particularly installation and performative kinds, was made possible partially by venues such as contemporary art galleries and studios that have come to flourish in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Developed outside of academic and official institutions, China’s sound art and experimental music scene encompasses noise music, experimental music, free improvisation, sound performance art, and sound installation.' - Wang Jing

The Unexplained Sounds Group is proud to present an anthology of experimental music from China, showcasing veteran musicians alongside many young and promising artists from the contemporary underground music scene.

CD comes in a limited edition 4-panel digipak.

1. 姚春旸 Chunyang Yao - Hidden Meadows 04:06
2. 刘一纬 Liu Yiwei - An Elegy of Brick 04:54
3. 白水 Baishui - Stranded 05:59
4. 若潭 ruò tán - 月 Moon 06:22
5. 梁奕源 LiangYiYuan - The Confucian Pleasure Puppet 08:11
6. Broken Thoughts - vaguely remembered 02:23
7. Vavabond - 胎藏 03:24
8. 英水帝江 Yingshui Dijiang - 大乐 05:41
9. 花伦 Hualun - City blues 06:57
10. 丰江舟 Feng jiangzhou - 败臼 03:35
11. 李亦蕾 Li Yilei - Murmur 04:53
12. Aplx - Parallel Movement Landscape 05:23
13. 洪启乐 Hong Qile - Yin 06:06
14. 孫瑋 Sun Wei - Electromagnetic wave and vibration in Wetland Park 04:11
15. 徐程 Xu Cheng - Music for metro train 04:00
16. 李帶菓 Li Daiguo - Chengdu Tuberculosis Hospital 02:33