Bleach For The Stars - The Time For Silver Flowers
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Bleach For The Stars - The Time For Silver Flowers

Bleach For The Stars is the dark ambient, drone & industrial project of Benjamin Power, hailing from the UK. His music is best described as an intense, raw and powerfully emotional journey into the dark regions of his mind. Ben uses his art to deal with his past and his life's experiences. Without going into his personal details it is clear to the listener that Ben has had his fair share of tragedy and bleak moments in life. This results in extremely profound musical pieces that create a mencing feeling but also make you appreciate them as something very pure and unreserved. Seldomly has music been such a direct and stark statement as with this album. "The time for silver flowers" is a therapeutic and dramatic expression by an artist who is truly fascinating.

Glass mastered CD in limited edition of 100 copies in 4 panel Digi-sleeve.
Comes with additional printed card with the poem 'the time for silver flowers'. Running Time 46:15.

1. Ashen Light (10:02)
2. The Wild Vine (11:31)
3. Eight Eleven (10:33)
4. Husk Marant (15:10)