CD Bundle: Cryo Chamber
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CD Bundle: Cryo Chamber

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4CD Bundle from the dark ambient Cryo Chamber label! Choose any 4 titles from the list below.

A selection of great titles from the Cryo Chamber label for a discounted price. Please note this only applies to single CD's NOT Deluxe Editions, DCD's or vinyl. You can visit our Cryo Chamber page here for information on each release.

Add the bundle to your shopping cart and list your choices in the comments section on the checkout screen.

You can also mix and match with any of our own Winter-Light label releases.

Aegri Somnia - Nusquam CD
Aegri Somnia - Endtime Psalms CD
Ager Sonus - Mithra CD
Alphaxone - Echoes From CD
Alphaxone - Absence Of Motion CD
Beyond The Ghost - You Disappeared CD

Council Of Nine - Diagnosis CD
Council Of Nine - Davidian CD
Council Of Nine - Dakhma CD
Creation VI - Beringia CD
Cryobiosis - Within Ruins CD
Cthulhu - A Cryo Chamber Collaboration Standard Edition CD
Dahlias Tear - Across The Shifting CD
Dead Melodies - Fabled Machines CD
Dead Melodies - Primal Destination CD
Dead Melodies - Legends CD
Dead Melodies - The Masterplan CD
Dronny Darko - Black Hive CD
Dronny Darko - Neuroplasticity CD
Dronny Darko - Origin CD
Flowers For Bodysnatchers - Alive With Scars CD
Flowers For Bodysnatchers - Asylum Beyond CD
God Body Disconnect - Sleepers Fate CD
God Body Disconnect - Dredge Portals CD
God Body Disconnect - Mist Between Mirrors CD
God Body Disconnect - The Wanderers Dream CD
God Body Disconnect - The Depth Of Finality CD
God Body Disconnect - The Dormancy CD
Hilyard - Division Cycle CD
Keosz - Be Left To Oneself CD
Lesa Listvy - Way Home CD
Lesa Listvy - Unheard Of CD
Mount Shrine - Ghosts On Broken Pavement CD
Mount Shrine - Winter Restlessness CD
Mount Shrine - Shortwave Ruins CD
Northumbria - Vinland CD
Phonotek - Lost In Fog CD
Phonotek - Styx CD
Phonotek - Red Moon CD
ProtoU - The Edge Of Architecture CD
ProtoU - Anomalies CD
ProtoU - Lost Here CD
ProtoU & Hilyard - Alpine Respire CD
Randal Collier-Ford - Remnants CD
Ruptured World - Exoplanetary CD
Ruptured World - Archeoplanetary CD

Sabled Sun - 2145 CD

Sabled Sun - 2146 CD
Sabled Sun - 2148 CD
Shrine - Quintessence CD
Silent Universe - The Infinity Coordinates CD
SiJ - The Time Machine CD
SiJ & Textere Oris - Reflections .... CD
Skrika - Fifth Nature CD
Tineidae - Exo CD
Ugasanie & Xerxes - Abysmal CD
Ugasanie - Border of Worlds CD
Ugasanie - Freedom & Loneliness CD
Various - Tomb Of Seers CD
Various - Tomb Of Wights CD
Wordclock - A Greater Bliss CD


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Foetusdreams - Brouillard CDr

Phantom Ship - Spheres CDr
Seetyca - Nemeton CD
ABBILDUNG - All Demons Are Horned CD
Rapoon - Wanderlust CD
Seetyca - Zwischenwelten CD
"...that first season" - A Winter-Light Compilation DCD
VelgeNaturlig - Opalescent Pust CD
Vacant Stations - Clones CD
Sound_00 + Lefterna - Elementals: Collabs 2 CD
Seetyca - Winterlicht CD
Bridge To Imla - The Radiant Sea CD
Strom Noir - Mountains Become Machines CD
Kloob - Remarkable Events CD
Nam-Khar - Secret Essence/Sangwa Dupa CD
Inner Vision Laboratory - Relics CD
Rapoon - Offworld OP1 Equs CD
VelgeNaturlig - Kundalini CD

ABBILDUNG - At The Gates Of Ouln CD
NIMH - Beyond The Crying Era CD
Seetyca - Trances CD
Rapoon - Sol Laude CD
Kloob - Unpredictable Signs CD

Sysselmann - Ritual Of The Aurora Noir CD
RNGMNN - Arctic Interference CD
Atomine Elektrine - The Antikythera Mechanism CD
Nam-Khar - Sur Chöd CD
Nimh & Rapoon - Post-Folk Lore Vol.1 CD
Nox - Opus Unending CD
Kloob & Onasander - Mundus Patet CD
Argyre Planitia - Tenth Region Of The Night CD
Rapoon - Call Fires To Cloud CD
Ashtoreth & Stratosphere - Between Worlds CD
RNGMNN - False Dawn CD
Gydja - Ar var alda CD
Subterranean Source - Ellipsis
Kloob - Parallel States
Vaev - Drommenes Spejl
Ajna & Onasander - Canidia
Hessel Veldman - Ymuiden
Nam-Khar & Vortex - Nag-Hammadi
Kloob & Onasander - Tempestarii