Christian Fiesel - The Dark Orb
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Christian Fiesel - The Dark Orb

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The Dark Orb to be released in 24.05.2018 in a very limited print CDr edition.

Christian Fiesel (also known from Modul303 Radio) is an electronic musician, mostly into all kinds of ambient, dark ambient and drone. His work is based on musique concrete, treatments and analogue synthesizer sounds.

His approach to creating music is deeply moody, deeply dark. The result is small otherworldly like spaces within the non standard composed soundscapes. Having about an hour long, The Dark Orb album is probably the most interesting and expressive work from him. It can be described as cinematic dark ambient, drone with traditional electronic (analogue) parts and even neo-classical music which subtly deepens the mystery feeling of the release overall as well as gives it a touch of originality and makes it also an enjoyable release.

2.Of Passing And Clocking Time
3.Winds Of East II
5.Crystal Drops
6.Jumping Shadows
7.Antarctica 1997
8.The Dark Orb
9.The Needle Up North

Christian Fiesel - The Dark Orb (sampler)