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ORD - Comprehension & Gaining

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When evil and violence fill the world, when people fall into barbarism and forget about virtue, spiritual degradation occurs - the era of Kali-yuga comes. Realizing the inevitability of the end and the subsequent beginning , a person finds peace.

The label Status Prod. presents a new album of the Voronezh ritual / dark ambient project ORD "Comprehension & Gaining".

The album consists of 5 tracks on 2 discs, united by a common meaning. The 4 compositions of the 1st disc turn to the memories of all four epochs (yugas) in the descending Hindu time cycle and lead to the realization of being in the age of Kali-yuga, which will be followed by the end as the acquisition of a new life. The only composition of the 2nd disc plunges into the depths of the own mind, embodying the absolute that inevitably follows the completion. The album was recorded as a meditative-trance album with pronounced tribal elements.

The album was released on 2 CDs with a circulation of 108 hand-numbered copies in a DVD-box, supplemented with an attachment of naturally aged material and soft Indian incense.


1-1. Comprehension 1 13:05
1-2. Comprehension 2 17:24
1-3. Comprehension 3 19:46
1-4. Comprehension 4 9:41
2-1. Gaining 58:02

ORD - Comprehension 1