Godwin Point - II
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Godwin Point - II

GODWIN POINT is a side project of DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED, which was launched in 2020, and presents their darker / nightmarish side.

While the first album focused on the madness of the political leaders of many nations, the new album criticises the behaviour and everlasting influence of the Catholic Church on our society. The musical realisation is done in a mixture of Dark Ambient and Post-Industrial, and is very reminiscent of the early CMI releases (Sophia, Raison D Etre, BDN.. )

CD comes in a 6 page eco file, lim. 300 copies

1. Obscurantisme 04:08
2. Mass Hysteria 04:23
3. Drink The Black Milk 06:37
4. God's Army 05:58
5. Limbes 05:44
6. Your Sect 05:25
7. Love Of God / Hate Of Man 06:11
8. Evening City Blues 03:54

Godwin Point - II