Hadewych - Welving
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Hadewych - Welving

Though the project of Dutchman Peter Johan Nÿland, contributions from members of Trepaneringsritualen, Dead Neanderthals, Turia and veteran experimental vocalist Greetje Bijma, help Hadewych to function more as a collective as it amorphously shapeshifts and navigates through a broad swath of styles. And yet, Welving is so finely honed and skillfully crafted, that it works as a singular, whole, never losing a firm grasp on what remains at the core of its unique and dynamic sound.

Still, it is nearly impossible to classify or define, utilizing a broad array of instrumentation, working in the monolithic, organic and the acoustic, and filtering it through a complex network of darkened, post-industrial, post-black, ritual hallucinations, and noir-ish Bohren And Der Club Of Gore deathjazz, with a steady stream of insistent bass, percussion, and spoken narrative to propel many of the tracks forward. Hadewych defines their music as black rituals channeling the ultra-grotesque, which is about an apt description as you're going to find, and yet it's that vagueness and ambiguity that manages to sum them up perfectly.

One of the most unique and exceptional releases under the Malignant banner, and highly recommended for those not afraid to venture into realms unknown.

CD comes in a beautiful custom made digi-sleeve.

1. Dageraad 02:45
2. Kho 04:51
3. Manifest 04:55
4. Monolith 04:02
5. Nevelruim 02:32
6. Ezel 04:10
7. Stofkrach 04:00
8. Kimaera 04:05
9. Atavismata 05:15
10. Minneroof 05:44

Ezel - Hadewych

Manifest - Hadewych