Lesa Listvy - Way Home
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Lesa Listvy - Way Home

  • Labels Cryo Chamber
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Moscow based quartet Lesa Listvy debuts on Cryo Chamber with Way Home. On this highly atmospheric release you get a mix of deep analogue drone, dark beats, ethereal walls of sound and subtle field recordings.

Years ago the beat of the shaman's drum pulled your tribe out of the motherland. Now as you make your way home everything has changed. The smell of burnt wood linger in the canopy of the forests, clicking machinery reverberate deep within. Trees malformed, technology fused with nature, the prophecy of the shaman was wrong. The ancient land now lies perverted by the swarm, but the tribe is coming home.

Highly recommended for fans of warm analogue ambient.

1.Sunny Side 04:17
2.Reflection 06:15
3.Evening by the Lake 06:56
4.The Hedge 05:58
5.Obelisk 06:20
6.Swarm 04:57
7.Lost Compass 06:21
8.Way Home 05:03
9.Mechanism 06:06

Lesa Listvy - Way Home