Lost In The Woods - The Meadowland Suite
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Lost In The Woods - The Meadowland Suite

Lars Tangmark and Johan Levin began working together musically as far back as 1989 when Johan joined synth pop band "The Wounded Meadow". Since that band became less active the pair created more Leftfield, ambient electronic music (Johan through Desiderii Marginis and Lars under his own name). They did not work together until 2008 when they begun working on compositions (and later improvisations) which in 2012 was compiled into the pastoral industrial, 48 minute

Meadowland Suite and the yet-to-be-released piece Gornamudur. For the project they revived the name Lost In The Woods. The Meadowland Suite is a full colour digipak CD in a limited edition of 200 copies, released through the label of Lars Tangmark, Hulterstad Sound.

This is not an intellectual exercise - this is the real deal.

Lost In The Woods - The Meadowland Suite (excerpts)