Maeror Tri - Myein
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Maeror Tri - Myein

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"This is probably Maeror Tri finest moment, and one of the best ambient albums ever recorded. It's like a symphony, divided into movements. All three tracks are brilliant masterpieces, never boring or predictable: "Phlogiston" features an impressive introduction, with a long, continuous crescendo, ending with a majestic climax in the form of an static blast, soon followed by a distorted ocean of noise. "Desiderium" is a beautiful slab of sentimental ambient music, probably the most melodic and beautiful interlude the band has ever done. The 47-minute(!) title track is quite a journey by itself, with a near-perfect balance of haunting drones, meditative percussion, and beautiful melodies going so deep.

This album is the most seminal production made by the german trio. Brilliantly executed and properly balanced, this work is their entrance ticket to the hall of fame. The hall of fame of the greatest ambient masters. You get lost in your mind and in your thoughts while listening to this. The tracks overwash you, just gently and softly as possible. It really takes your mind somewhere else. Maeror Tri may have ceased to exist, and Troum may be trying to continue the legacy, but this release shines and will probably remain their best. Ever." - Max16032

Limited edition Digibook 300 copies.

1. Phlogiston
2. Desiderium
3. Myein

Maeror Tri - Myein (excerpt)