Rapoon - Cultural Forgeries
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Rapoon - Cultural Forgeries

It has been a typically busy year for Robin Storey, with already quite a few new releases and re-releases under his belt. This time Rapoon has gone for something very dfferent and profoundly moving. Think of it along the lines of "Rapoon Unplugged" and it will give you a clearer perspective of what lies hidden on this fantastic release, as Robin describes below.

"In 2013. I was asked by my friend Robert Pepper (PAS Musique) if I wanted to do an "unplugged" album. I was intrigued by the idea and agreed. I thought of ways of constructing pieces that did not involve and "processing". I wanted to make something that was essentially acoustic recordings but which were composed and arranged to give some depth and intricacy to them. I started recording some of my many acoustic instruments on a portable stereo digital recorder (A Tascam DR05....for those interested in such things). The recorder has built in microphones, so I just used those. Sometimes I placed the recorder inside a large Bodhran to get natural reverb reflections. I listened back to the things that I had carefully recorded. I listened to them again...they were ok...but something was missing...I added some reverb, delay....back masking and...it suddenly sounded fab to me... This album is part acoustic and part processed....all the recorded parts are live...one take. The treatments and processing are as much a part of the composition as are the instruments and the recordings...In a way I failed to make an unplugged album but I did make something which was outside of my usual work process and for that I am thankful. To simply repeat the same process over and over seems very dull to me. Viva la Difference!"

1. donnez-moi une cigarette
2. Bodhran and ran
3. Banjo Arabiata
4. Suit Toot Coconoot
5. I saw a man
6. Slender ....in clouds
7. Some distance
8. The summer lies heavy
9. Along the calling path
10. Sway ... down down
11. Bells temple ask
12. Glass
13. Cello transfused
14. Celloe yellow
15. Je veux d'l'amour
16. The delta ends
17. Murmru now....finis

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