Maha Pralaya - Erebus
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Maha Pralaya - Erebus

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This is sound exploration of Dark Matter, the Darkness of primordial Chaos.

"Looking beyond the edge of the absolute, behold the infinity of primordial Chaos, and the longer the gazing into the dark waters in the depths of the eye, the deeper the maelstrom of the pupils of the beholder and cognizer of the abyss of Erebus! " Aum!

In the design of this release used paintings by Dr. of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, creator of "New Chronology", graphic artist Anatoly Fomenko. Also, in addition to this topic, a poem by cosmist scientist, biophysicist Alexander Chizhevsky, written about 100 years ago...

The Element of Darkness

Flows the mysteriously living water
From eternal darkness to Earth's nocturnal mouth,
Light is a fleeting moment and eternity is darkness,
And in that darkness a lingering foreboding.

There's a black sun in a black sky
Its light, invisible and black,
And in the black void on black rays.
It flies into space with the news of the power of the unconquerable.

There the black rivers flow slowly,
Between the black shores they ripple and splash,
And black ripples run through the waters.
And black glare into the invisible.

And we're all wandering there, we're the same and different,
Like ghosts, visions, phantoms;
Oh, double life, with eyes in light,
And by the mind in the darkness of the unknown.
Darkness, darkness everywhere! Ereb!
The gaping darkness! 
A whirl of black stars and black electrons.
In phantasmagoria, the madness of the mind,
But in that madness is the frenzy of laws.

A. Chizhevsky, 1943

Cdr in a limited edition of 100 copies.