Strafe F.R. - Soundless Sphere
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Strafe F.R. - Soundless Sphere

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New album Soundless Sphere by avantgarde veterans Strafe F.R.

Soundless Sphere is the all new album by Duesseldorf duo Strafe F.R. It contains eight pieces combining treated vocals, multidimensional rhythmic structures and heavy electronics forming a bright and lively sonic landscape. The album also emanates a sense of urgency fitting for our times. Soundless Sphere was mastered by Kai Blankenberg.

A sister release with different and yet amazing unheard sounds, entiteled Octagon Sphere, will be released later this year by aufabwegen as a vinyl LP.

CD comes in limited edition digifile of 300 copies.

1. Cannot 06:24
2. Silver Attack 04:24
3. Black Camel 03:12
4. Liquid 04:47
5. Twenty Two Steps 06:16
6. Nox Piano 08:13
7. Delta Man 08:08
8. Flow Back Ashore 03:59

Strafe F.R. - Soundless Sphere