Phantoms & Mirages - Thermal Anomaly
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Phantoms & Mirages - Thermal Anomaly

  • Labels Frozen Light
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Frozen Light presents a long-awaited debut album by mysterious Phantoms & Mirages – “Thermal Anomaly”, warm and ghostly Dark Ambient with calm noises and drifting minimal melodies, field recordings and strange samples. Nice soundtrack to our post-industrial (or even post-apocalypse) present.

Open your window, hear the wind and sound of the traffic and play this music loud.

CD comes in a beautiful 6-panel dgipak.

1. Thermal Anomaly 06:29
2. Incandescent Dusk 05:55
3. Recurring Decline 10:20
4. Miasma Theory 04:42
5. Mojave Sunset 08:56
6. Tropical Malady 09:07