Rapoon - Vernal Crossing Revisited
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Rapoon - Vernal Crossing Revisited

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This is the 4th Rapoon release on the Zoharum label and something of a special one also. This double CD celebrates the 20th anniversary of the "Vernal Crossing", which was Robin Story's third album. But this is not just a re-issue by the artist. It is a remaster and a revisit to the original recordings that has been adapted by Rapoon for the 21st century, hence the title. "Vernal Crossing Revisited" is in fact, two sides of the same coin, or two discs if you prefer.

The first disc contains the original album, which has been faithfully remastered by Zoharum's very Lukasz "Wookie" Miernik. The second disc contains the 2013 interpretation of the original recording by Robin Storey. This is Rapoon at it's most rhythmic. Prepare yourselves for a journey in to the desert.

CD1 Vernal Crossing (1993 Original)
1. the same river once
2. sonol
3. yi
4. rains
5. bol baya
6. dahina ta
7. anatapurrah
8. vernal crossing
9. yi-tun

CD2 Vernal Crossing (2013 Remake)
1. again we see
2. blue green
3. the waters edge
4. where stars reflect
5. we hear the sun
6. in murmured tones
7. deep held
8. in marked walls
9. the clouds pass quickly
10. to end

Rapoon - Where Stars Reflect