Rapoon - Wanderlust
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Rapoon - Wanderlust

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Winter Light is proud to announce the release of Rapoon ‘Wanderlust' CD, a brand new studio album containing 10 all new and original tracks. Robin Storey aka Rapoon needs no introduction, having released around 60 albums alone under his avant-garde project. Robin has collaborated with many artists over the years and for this release additional vocals for the album have been supplied by the Russian folk singer Tatyana Stepchenko aka TOLOKA.

As the title indicates. ‘Wanderlust’ is the endless yearning, the search for questions and for answers, the horizon ever drawing onward with the lure of what lies beyond. The pull of the mountains and the deserts and the infinitive light of the stars, shining from the distant past. We travel…..

The album is released in a full colour, 6-panel digipack. Artwork and cover design by Midnight Sun Studio with original paintings from Robin Storey.

The CD is comprised of 10 original tracks with a running time of 70:08. Strictly limited to 400 copies.

Digital available via Bandcamp.

1. exchanging glances in Babylon
2. standing in a river
3. happy birthday
4. a bronze eye searching
5. message from the past
6. a far light
7. calling ghosts
8. You look like something…
9. the sand turned to glass
10. we danced a last goodbye

Rapoon - happy birthday

Rapoon - Wanderlust (Official Promo video)


Dark Room Rituals

"The album sounds far more experimental, though continues to cultivate a peaceful, almost philosophical contemplation of such recent releases as "Blue Days" and "A Pale Blue Door. Impressive album with a special mood in which you don't want to trade it for anything else."

Vital Weekly

"According to Winter-light, Rapoon has made some sixty albums, which is certainly an impressive number (not Merzbow like however) and I think I heard about 25% of that. So I was a little surprised about the musical content. Here Rapoon reaches for a wider scope of musical interests than I expected. Ambient music is still a stronghold for him, and so is the use of loops and delays, creating rhythms, but this around, and as said I have no idea how that relates to his other recent work, there is a stronger use of rhythm machines that even create, dare I say it, some form of hypnotic dance beat. I quite enjoyed this release; perhaps because it reminded me of old times, when I heard more Rapoon and today I realized that it always has it's distinct quality; and yes, perhaps I should pay more attention, and yes, maybe I think he releases too much music. That is a bit of a dilemma I guess. 'Wanderlust' is a great release!" - Frans de Waard

Heathen Harvest

"Rapoon’s Wanderlust is a dreamy landscape full of majestic vibes, strange but suitable samples, and sounds of exotic instruments. Its general atmosphere and the sounds that create it are often so foreign that they feel almost alien in nature—something that Storey is becoming exceedingly talented with at his age. It is the perfect album for this autumn as we work our way into winter, and it‘s intended to be played by a listener every evening just before sleep. The effect of it should be unforgettable." - Suweln Dangvn