Re-DrUm BoTong - Hush-Ascending The Light Of An Alien Sun
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Re-DrUm BoTong - Hush-Ascending The Light Of An Alien Sun

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This Zoharum offering is the split CD between Re-Drum and BoTong with each project preparing a 30-minute piece for this special release.

Avid Zoharum observers already know Pavel Aleshin's project called Re-DrUm. 5 years ago we released his album "S" and it was our 7th release. In the meantime, he has been touring extensively plus released one full album, a digital EP and offered his music on a split release with Rovar17. Now Pavel returns to Zoharum with 3 new tracks of contemplative nature. They are full of slow acoustic sounds and field recordings. His sound on "Hush!" is less droney than on "S", but much more organic and laid-back. The second part of this release belongs to Chris Sigdell and his renowned project b°tong. In contrast to Re-DrUm, "Ascending in the Light of an Alien Sun" is a different affair - a dark, brooding affair full of oily drones and treated sounds. Again, composed of 3 songs, it takes you on a trip to the desolate factory inhabited with ghosts of its previous owners.

The release comes in a mini-vinyl sleeve and is limited to 400 copies.

1. Mute
2. Death Of The Flame
3. Sehr Sehr Weit

4. Vision Of Ineluctable Destiny
5. The Hierophant Prepares The Candidate
6. Into The Schwarzchild Radius

BoTong - The Hierophant Prepares The Can