Red Fog - Buried on Vanth
  • €13.00

Red Fog - Buried on Vanth

Since it's first release Milk of Amnesia in 2010, canadian Red Fog has entered the stage as a high quality drone act combining experimental and minimalistic elements with swarming soundscapes, always taking good care of the details to make listening a pleasureable experience. Red Fog has already released eight opuses but Buried on Vanth is the first release that actually takes physical form and it's a bit of a mystery to us why Red Fog hasn't been released as CD or vinyl yet. Previous releases has solely been devoted to the digital format but maybe it's intentional, 'cause who's actually behind Red Fog?. The artwork is clean from traces...still...Buried on Vanth is a splendid work of art.

Limited edition of 500 copies in a 4-panel digi sleeve.

1. The Plaster Figures Have Lost Their Shadows
2. Across The Kodiak Gate
3. Landscape Of Grey Sponges And Silent Ships
4. Wired Through Spectral Tranquility

Red Fog - Across The Kodiak Gate