Ruptured World - Exoplanetary
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Ruptured World - Exoplanetary

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Ruptured World is the cinematic ambient project of Alistair Rennie (UK), who is also known as an author of Weird Fantasy and Horror Fiction.

The exoplanetary deep space mission to Proxima Centauri b has reached its intended destination. Work begins on assessing the planet for its suitability as a site of colonial expansion and habitation for an increasingly desperate human race.

But there are problems.

"Exoplanetary" features fragments of transmissions amid sonorous and distorted interpretations of narrative events as the mission faces up to the challenges of off-world exploration and the inescapable fact that, on Proxima Centauri b, the human visitors are not alone.

Cosmic horror combines with ambient evocations of a real-life futuristic drama in the face of alien estrangement and a prevailing aura of existential persecution. Radio transmissions are superseded by melodic inferences of atmospheric detail and the otherworldly drones of cosmic landscapes and the mysterious twilight roaming grounds of the Krivren.

The "Exoplanetary" CD package comes with a documentary booklet featuring a 16-page executive summary of the mission's objectives and a detailed profile of the planet's geophysical characteristics, as well as its inherent dangers. Digital Booklet also included with download.

It offers a unique listening and reading experience that integrates sound orchestration with speculative dark fiction to present a quasi-scientific account of future possibilities rendered in sound.

Recommended for fans of cinematic dark ambient and spoken word.

1. The Bright Communion of Primal Energies (07:33)
2. The Sunken Valleys (05:53)
3. Future Cries Of No Tomorrow (05:25)
4. The Twilight Hours (02:37)
5. A Time Without Saviours (05:10)
6. The Shimmering After-Blasts Of Psionic Traces (07:33)
7. The Voyage Of Tarknassus (11:21)
8. Closing Theme (03:36)

Ruptured World - Exoplanetary