Tongdisklaktika - Transmigration
  • €12.00

Tongdisklaktika - Transmigration

Mixing the dark monumental atmospeheres of b°tong, the Diskrepant soundscape collage and the most various forms of sound content delivered by Origami Galaktika finds us facing an abstract and pulsating entity. Being at close encounters touring, Chris Sigdell, Per Åhlund and Benny Braaten released Tongdisklaktika, a cooperative project that manifests itself beyond the ordinary and superlative.

The pulsating art of Transmigrations binds you and still cross boundaries. If you dare. Go. Explore.

Editon of 100 copies in 4 panel digipack. 2 tracks approximate running time 45:00.

1. Nezach
2. Hod