Contemporary Noise Ensemble - An Excellent Spiritual Serviceman DLP
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Contemporary Noise Ensemble - An Excellent Spiritual Serviceman DLP

  • Labels Denovali
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After a creative break of more than 10 years the Contemporary Noise Ensemble returns with the brand new album called „An Excellent Spiritual Serviceman”.

With the band’s line-up reduced and the sound of the brass section replaced with programmable synthesizers comes an entirely new sound of the band’s music. Leaning towards composition instead of improvisation the music is now less jazzy sounding - with electric bass being used instead of double bass and drums actually being the only strictly acoustical instrument. But then again you can hear a lot of other prerecorded instruments like marimba, vibraphone, Rhodes and upright pianos surrounded by arpeggiated synths and other programmable electronic instruments.

The album takes you to a journey through jazz, space rock, funk and electronic music with a destination in a form of a rock song which is as well the title song of the album. The Contemporary Noise Ensemble still impresses with maturity and class.

This is the regular edition on black vinyl. Thick glossy gatefold covers and black poly-lined inner sleeves, 180g vinyl, download code.