Terry Fox - Labyrinth of the inner ear
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Terry Fox - Labyrinth of the inner ear

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About Terry Fox: Labyrinth of the inner ear For the exhibition “Sonambiente", I will produce a new audio work for compact disc. The title of this work will be “Labyrinth of the inner ear" and it will be recorded in Berlin on the 14th and 15th of April, 2006. The compact disc will be produced directly after the recording process and presented, during Sonambiente, in a room of the former Polish Embassy.

This will be a kind of “drone" work consisting of the repetitive tapping of a sightless person (the artist, Siegfried Saerberg) navigating his way through an urban environment and finally returning to the place where the walk began. The sound of the cane, either tapping or sweeping back and forth, would be a constant in this composition. It would cease only when Siegfried stops walking for some reason, for example: an interesting acoustical space, a ride in a public transport, etc.

Location interpretations could be ascertained by the sounds surrounding the steady central position of the cane; an alley, a busy shopping district, the relative quietness of a back street a park, and so forth. This walk would, itself, finally return to its place of origin. - Terry Fox, Köln 2006

CD comes as a fold out embossed DVD sleeve with liner notes and photographs documenting the piece.

Terry Fox - Labyrinth of the inner ear