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All hail the purity and splendour of the four mighty protectors of our world. Tirelessly their eyes and ears guard the dominion of man and stave off evil intruders and demons and the grasping hand of death. Four artists each provide an interpretation of one of the four guardians and their continuous efforts to ward off the evil that threatens our world.

Longform ambient with a twist, the four compositions are provided by A.P.,Earth Vibration, Mathias Grassow and Indo. CD comes in jewel case with 16-page booklet.

1. His Highness Most Precious Lord Namthose
2. His Higness Most Honourable Lord Chenmizang
3. His Highness Most Exquisite Lord Yulkhorsong
4. His Highness Most Noble Lord Phakyepo

Running time 77:10

Gyalpo (excerpt)