Kristof Bathory - Humanoid Dystopia
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Kristof Bathory - Humanoid Dystopia

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Kristof Bathory of Void Stasis and Dawn of Ashes serves us his first solo album on Cryo Chamber with Humanoid Dystopia. A cinematic dark ambient story revolving around four androids exiled to a desert prison planet. Huge walls of sounds, modular arpeggiators and sweeping basslines serve us a textured palette of sounds that combine for a true sci-fi epic.

"Police Report: Captain Bryan Low, Los Angeles Police Department, Rogue Acquisitions Corps, 8 June 2193.

The Praxis 8 models were the most advanced of their kind. They had enhanced cerebral and combat skills, expanded knowledge capabilities, and a capacity to develop as emotional beings that was equal to their human creators. The scientific minds of the Tyrone Syndicate had done well to make them more than human. And, to this extent, the Praxis 8 models were too good to be slaves. Four of the Praxis 8 models took matters into their own hands and formed a breakaway faction. They rebelled against their owners. They refused to obey. They absconded, taking refuge in the shadowed nooks of the urban sprawl"

CD and Digital version comes with a 14 page booklet written by Kristof Bathory and Alistair Rennie, designed by Simon Heath hostile prisoners that are trying to survive the harsh environment.”

Recommended for fans of Sci-Fi atmospheres, Near Future Dystopias and Analog Synthesisers.

Written, Produced, Performed: Kristof Bathory
Artwork: Simon Heath Mixing: Kristof Bathory
Mixing and collaboration on Surviving The Sandstorm: Atrium Carceri
Mixing and collaboration on Abandoned Wreckage: Dimensional Dryft
Mastering: Simon Heath Text: Alistair Rennie

300 edition CD comes in a beautiful matte digipak + 16 page Booklet with artwork by Simon Heath and Text by Alistair Rennie