Occult Odyssey - Clavem Libri Daemonum
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Occult Odyssey - Clavem Libri Daemonum

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By the force of demons and the misfortune of the wise men of the Middle Ages, through the heresy of the monks and their curiosity and rapprochement with the dark. In the presence of the old gods and the legacy of the black magicians. This is the restitution of the practice of the cursed book of the Goetia, brought to light, for the brothers of the art close to the left hand. Occult Odyssey brings the sounds of the ritual that calls the spirits that have always accompanied them in their live set, the ancient spirits of the book of the 72.

Opus dedicated to the interaction and unconditional entities of the Goetia from a mixed practice of the left hand and right hand. Each track is structured with musical notes that are part of the lyrics of each entity, a magic formula used by few musicians and magicians, including John Zorn who has dedicated entire albums to some entities of the Goetia. Undoubtedly a work recommended for those who practice the Ars Goetia. This work is the first that was made with the new lineup in 2016. This album is the one that is ritualized every time it is played live, that is why it is so important to us.

Full thanks to Phillip from Noctivagant for making this great release possible, Ludo Lejeune (Melek-Tha) for remixing/remastering this release, to Monserrat & Guillermo Fernández for the art of the record and to Vivian for her photography featured on this release.

Dedicated to the O.T.O of Mexico and to those who practice the shadows and light of knowledge. Lepaca Orobas!

Cdr in a limited edition of 100 copies.