Red Painted Red - That Was The Reason Why
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Red Painted Red - That Was The Reason Why

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“That Was The Reason Why” is the fourth regular album of RED PAINTED RED, which consists of a total of 10 songs, nearly 40 minutes of music.

The British duo performs well-drawn songs, melodic, catchy, with a sense of humor. At the same time, there is no shortage of slightly experimental motifs, glitch inserts, unusual phrases that give their music an unobvious character. The easiest way would be to label them avant-pop, with all the wealth of terms defining this genre. In the case of British music, it is only a starting point, or one of many components, because in their songs you can also hear echoes of synthwave, trip-hop, dark wave or neo-folk.

Although it is an explosive mix, full of sound effects, experiments with different styles, playing with conventions, it sounds coherent, it is a pleasure to listen to, and over time it seems to function completely naturally in our consciousness.

Mastering by Martin Bowes (Attrition).
Design by Michael Everett (aka Puppy38)

Edition of 300 CDs in a 6-panel ecopack.