Aquavoice - Nocturne
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Aquavoice - Nocturne

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"Nocturne', the second offering from AQUAVOICE on Zoharum is the follow up to last years very well received "Grey". The material for both albums was created around the same time and was divided according to the following: 'Grey' - more experimental and coarse compositions; 'Nocturne' - more dreamy, low-key and soothing ambient textures. The new album includes 11 new songs clocking in at around 50 minutes, songs a bit darker and colder than before where one can find inspirations taken from Scandanavian art.

This 3-panel eco-pack CD is limited to 500 copies.

1. Pneumatic Sequence
2. In The Night
3. Black Silence
4. Fish Dreams
5. Sleep Well
6. The Secret Life Of Insects
7. Lunapark
8. Endless Enigma
9. Nebulous Dawn
10. Stargate
11. Sunday Afternoon

Aquavoice - Fish Dreams