Lagowski presents Legion - False Dawn
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Lagowski presents Legion - False Dawn

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LEGION came as a surprising side-project in comparison to the Brisitsh audio visual techician's regular tracks released up to that date. "False Dawn" was an excellent venture into the world of spacey electronica which might have served as a compliment to the dense world of techno on Lagowski's early vinyl releases and to the dark wave of NAGAMATZU. Containing two lengthy tracks ('Colossus' and 'The Plasma Pool') supported by a short rhythmic 'Accurone', it explored the potential of digital electronics in order to create atmospheric soundscapes, for which it was critically praised.

20 years on and this dusty classic has gained a well deserved reissue. It has been expanded to include 7 rare/unreleased bonus tracks and has been adorned with an additional part entitled "False Dawn Revisited'. The latter contains remixes of the three original tracks by Geometric, Zenial and Maciek Szymcuk. The two additional sections give you a different perspective on 'False Dawn' and LEGION'S ambient stylistics. Here it is ....False be discovered.... again.

CD1: False Dawn Original Album
1.1 Colossus
1.2 Accurone
1.3 The Plasma Pool
1.4 Tunnelvision (7' version)

CD2: Bonus Tracks
2.1 Accurone (Demo Version)
2.2 Komarov
2.3 The Somnambulist
2.4 Tunnelvision (Full Version)
2.5 Burial Of The Books
2.6 The Midnight Illumination

False Dawn Revisited
2.7 Colussus (Geometric Remix)
2.8 Accurone (Zenial Remix)
2.9 The Plasma Pool (Maciek Szymcuk Remix)

The reissue is presented in a 2CD edition in a luxurious 6-panel digipak.

Lagowski presents Legion - The Somnambulist